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About Us

Who We Are

Debbie Fagan, Owner

With her pups: Austin, Morgan, Jesi and Madison

Doggie of the Day is a home based business in Flemington, NJ. Our focus is providing very unique art on products such as blankets, canvases, cutting boards and so many more items

Started in 2009, Doggie of the Day has grown to include an online shop, Amazon Marketplace and over 55K followers on Social Media!

"It started incidentally because I wanted to do a painting of my 4 dogs playing poker. I had an artist paint them for me and I loved it so much that I bought the rights to it and started creating them in over 90 different breeds!" says Owner, Debbie Fagan. "From there I just loved being creative and coming up with new ideas."

With the success of our online shop, came the idea to give back to rescues and charities across America.

Debbie says, "I always wanted to do something to help and finally this year I am able to! Together we can do something to make a difference in the lives of our furry companions. Every little bit helps and I'm super excited to be able to pay it forward."

It became our mission to distribute leashes, collars, blankets and toys to organizations and rescues all across the United States.

When you purchase any product from our website, you are not only going to receive your order, but you are helping dogs all around the country that are so desperately in need of these items!

We started the venture in March 2019, and have already donated an estimated $40k in product to rescues across the country! We aim to ship roughly 20 boxes a week, each one containing items the rescues can use!

To help launch our Donation Program, and to give back to different rescues in the U.S. we co-hosted online auctions. We donated Doggie of the Day products, including customizable items from our shop, to allow our bidders the opportunity to have a one of a kind piece of artwork for their homes.

The proceeds of the auctions went to help the rescues support the animals in their care, as well as to help launch our Donation Program!

We have also launched a Facebook group where you can post photos of dogs in need or share some happy endings! You will also get up to date details on our Donation Program, see who is receiving boxes and so much more!

We started a wishlist on our website so rescues can easily let people know what they are in need of. We take this into consideration when shipping our Donation Boxes, along with puppy sizes so the items the rescues receive can be put to good use!

There are so many reasons to join us in promoting Doggie of the Day, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and helping make our Donation Program such a huge success!

Nominate a Rescue For a Donation Box

This year we also launched our Affiliate Program. This offers rescues the opportunity to earn 10% on every item sold at Doggie of the Day!

Not only do our customer's purchases offer an item in our donation box, they also offer cash to charities across the USA to help further support the animals in their care!