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Custom Digital Painting Art Photo Personalized Dog Cat in Rainbow Bridge Background

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital painting?
A digital painting is the technique to create artwork directly on the computer using my artistic freedom with digitally styled brushes and paint effects. They exist in the format of a high resolution.
What is the turnaround time?
Typically, you will receive your artwork within 7 to 14 days.
How do I receive it?
It will be sent to you in the form of a JPEG or PNG file via email or messenger.
How big are they?
They are digital copies and will be sent to you via email or messenger. You can get them printed on canvas as well.  That would be an additional fee to painting cost depending upon the canvas size you would like.
Do you have canvases or any other products I can put my artwork on?
Yes, I have over 100 different unique products you can put your artwork on.   You can check them out here -
I have 3 dogs; can I combine them in the same picture?
Yes, I can put all 3 in the same digital painting for you.
I have multiple dogs, but they are not in the same photo. Can you work with several different photos?
Yes, I can work with several different photos and included them all in the same artwork.
I have 3 pets and want them in the same picture. Would I need to pay for 1 pet only since they are all going to be in the same photo?
No, each pet takes a long time to draw so you would need to purchase 3 pets.
Do I own the rights for my digital painting?
Yes, for personal use only. If you need it for any other purposes, we can discuss further about your needs.
Can I have a collar on my pet and a colored background?
Yes, I put collars on all of the pets unless requested otherwise. And I have several different colored backgrounds for you to choose from. Once you "Choose How Many Pets Your Want" it will ask you a series of questions.
Do you do other pets besides dogs?
Yes, I do cats, horses and just about every animal out there! I do humans as well.
Can you crop out hands? I have one of my daughters’ pup, but hands are on the front of her chest.
Yes, I can. I can take references from multiple pictures and can put them together for a perfect shot.
How clear do my photos have to be?
I can work with normal cell phone Pictures. They need to be clear enough on zooming in. I will need photos with a good and clear face and a few others for body references.
Will I be able to see a preview of what it will look like?
Yes, if you would like to put it on a canvas or any other products it will require your approval first.
If I do it electronically and I don’t want it on a canvas or any of your products, how do I get it printed?
The file would be a high resolution one, so you could take it to any local printing store.
Can I have a custom background made?
I do have same pre-made seasonal backgrounds that I offer for free. If you want a custom background, I can do that. It would be an additional fee depending on the amount of work you would like done.
How would I get you all of the information?
You can upload a few photos while you are placing your order. In addition, you can message me on facebook messenger to further discuss your requirements and send additional photos.
Can I have one made for a friend and have it mailed to them?
Yes, many people purchase these as gifts for their friends and family.
Do you have any options for putting accessories on the pet such as a dress, wings and halo, bandana, bows, tiara, necklace, etc.

Yes, you can check them out here -->

Would you like to have your artwork put on our products? 
Here is a sample of our products!  You must click on the above link to place an order. 


If you would like to have your artwork put on any of our products you can click on this link ------->  Doggie of the Day Products

If you would like to have your artwork put on any of our products you can click on this link ------->  Doggie of the Day Products