Some Tips for Dog Obedience Classes

When you bring a dog home, you have to teach him various things including obedience. It is a matter of extreme importance that the dog understands the commands of his owner and obeys the orders. Obedience plays a crucial role in dog training so you have to teach him to obey your commands. Given below are some important tips for dog obedience classes:

House Rules:

Before you even bring your dog home, you have to decide house rules. It has long term effects on your dog’s life and his behavior. You have to decide what is allowed and what is not to the dog. Where will be staying and where he is not allowed to go? Place his bed or his house where you want to keep the dog.

Socialize the Dog:

Socialize your dog with patience and let him take his time. Some dogs can get used to their surroundings fast but some dogs may need more time to settle in. So, never lose patience. He must get comfortable with the new place and new faces before you moving on to the next step.

Keep the Dog Happy:

Always provide him all the necessities he may need to be happy and comfortable with his life. Other than food, you will have to bring him such toys that he may love to play with. You may have to experiment a bit to know for sure that what toys he likes.

Maintain a Schedule:

Make sure to maintain schedule for everything whether it is food, a walk, exercise, play or training.

Train According to Schedule:

Train your dog only in the training time. Never try to train your dog when he is not comfortable or it is time for something else.

Always be Polite and Patient:

Never lose your temper or get angry. Always train your dog politely with patience. Punishing can create trouble and the dog may lose his interest in training.

Start Slow With Basic Commands:

Start the training slowly and patiently. You should start with very basic commands like his name, sit, come, leave it, fetch it etc.

Start and End a Session Positively:

Always use some encouragement at the start and end of the session. The encouragement can be simply petting him, hugging him or saying positive words like well done, good job etc.

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