The Difference between Therapy Dogs And Companion Dogs


Initially, people started domesticating dogs so that they can perform various tasks for humans. The tasks included guarding houses, farms, animals, labor, hunting etc. But eventually, they grew into a lot more. These days the dogs can be therapy dogs, companion dogs, service dogs etc. Each one of the categories has certain responsibilities or tasks to perform. The difference between a therapy dog and a companion dog is as stated below:

Therapy Dogs:

Therapy dogs are usually found in facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices etc. Their key role is to give affection and comfort to the people other than their handlers. These people are patients or older people who usually have some mental or emotional issues. The dogs keep them accompanied that has offered quite encouraging results when it comes to treating anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure related issues in people.

Not all of the dogs can be good for being a therapy dog as it requires certain skills and training. A dog that is good for guarding a house or hunting cannot be a good therapy dog. A therapy dog has to be calm, gentle and friendly. He cannot be an aggressive one. Just like any other dogs, therapy dogs require certain training and socializing.

Companion Dog:

Unlike therapy dog, a companion dog does not have certain responsibilities. People can keep any dog as a companion dog. He does not have to perform any tasks at all. Most of the house dogs fall into the category of companion dogs as people keep them in houses just for the sake of their companionship. Any dog can be a companion dog whether he is good for work by nature or for house guarding.

But just like other dogs, they also require training to learn various skills including behaving around people and obeying the commands of the owner. They have to be socialized so that they can be kept around kids or other family members without causing any trouble.

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