Understanding A Dog Show

Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag


If you are a dog enthusiast, you must have heard about a dog show even if you are not sure what a dog show exactly is. Dog show is not something new to the world. The shows started many years ago after people started domesticating dogs. Earlier, these shows were very small but eventually these have grown a lot. These days there are various dog shows that can vary a lot with respect to competitors and audience.

Purpose of a Dog Show:

People started domesticating dogs so that they can perform different types of jobs including guarding houses and farms, hunting. Eventually they started mating different dogs to get better and efficient breed to perform the required tasks better. The dog shows offered them the opportunity to exhibit these new breeds and dogs. It is a great platform for dog enthusiasts to admire and evaluate the dogs. But these days we bring dogs home as pets to love and play with them. These shows serve well in these situations as well. People become more aware of the dogs and breeds they did not know about.

How The Show Works:

In a dog show, the dogs are evaluated through different aspects including their looks, size, structure, temperament and how efficiently they perform a certain task. A group of judges evaluates each dog carefully. All the dogs are given points by these judges based on their performance in certain areas. In the end,the dog who gets the most point wins the best dog award.

Types of Dog Shows:

There can be different types of dog shows but these can be sum up into two major types that are as stated below:

1- All Breeds Show

As the name suggests, this type of show is for all types of dogs belonging to any breed. These shows are more common and have different criteria for evaluating a dog as compared to the special shows.

2- Special Show

The special shows are limited in nature. Not all of the dog breeds can take part in these shows. For example, if the show is for hunting dogs then only the relevant breeds can participate in such a show.

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Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag

Happy Halloween Beagles Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin House Flag