Breaking Your Dog of Destructive Chewing

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Dogs require proper attention and care of their owners as they develop various behavior issues throughout their lives. One of the serious behavior issues is destructive chewing. It is not something uncommon as there are many dogs who develop the issue at some point. Chewing is natural in dogs as they chew to explore. But when they start chewing too much and start chewing the stuff they should not, you have to break the behavior.

Causes of Destructive Chewing in Dogs:

There is no generic reason that can cause the problem. There can be different reasons that can trigger the destructive chewing behavior. One of the common reasons is just the boredom. If your dog does not have something interesting to do, he may develop the habit of excessive chewing. Another reason can be toothache. If your dog is having trouble with his tooth, chewing can offer him relief from the pain. Anxiety and frustration can also lead a dog to the destructive chewing.

How to Break Destructive Chewing in Your Dog:

You can treat the issue only when you know the cause of the destructive chewing. Here are some very helpful solutions to the problem.

1- If your puppy is at teething stage, he may develop the behavior to get rid of the pain and even to explore things. You can offer him a help by providing him cold things to chew on like ice cubes or frozen wet clothes. It can reduce the chewing habit.

2- If your dog is having the trouble because of boredom, the solution is very simple. You can bring different toys and games that can keep him occupied. Proper exercise can also be very helpful as it may exhaust him and he may not need to chew on anything.

3- If the problem is triggered by toothache, there is not much that you can do other than cleaning his teeth. If he has something stuck in his teeth, removing it can be helpful. Otherwise you should take him to the vet immediately.

4- Whatever the reason is, providing chewing toys can be extremely helpful to break the destructive chewing in dogs. The dogs will stay busy with the toys and will stop chewing and damaging your belongings.

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Pomeranian Black Spoiled Rotten Dog Heart Christmas Ornament

Pomeranian Black Spoiled Rotten Dog Heart Christmas Ornament