Leash Training Is Important In Your Dog Training Schedule

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When you are bringing a dog home, there is a lot you will have to do. A dog is not familiar with a home life as a dog is a wild animal by nature. You have to teach him various skills especially how to behave. Leash training is an important part of keeping your dog in control and teaching him how to behave. Irrespective of the age, size and breed, leash training is an important part of dog training schedule for various reasons.


One of the major concerns of any dog owner is safety. It is not just safety of the dog but also safety of people around him. When a dog is outside, he may try to run away or to chase someone or something that can cause trouble. Having the dog on leash keeps you in-charge and you can control him. If the dog is not properly socialized, he may get frustrated or anxious and may attack someone. So, always use a leash when taking your dog outside.


A leash conveys an important message to your dog that you are the in-charge and have the control. In the beginning, your dog will not feel comfortable with the leash but eventually he will get used to it. He will learn to submit and will start obeying your commands.

Getting a Leash and a Collar:

Markets are full of variety of leashes and collars. You should select a comfortable collar for your dog according to his size. Considering his favorite color and style can help your dog to accept the collar quicker. Select a leash that should be short but not too short. Always select good quality products that are made with the material safe for the dogs.

Leash Training:

You have to be very patient with the leash training. In the beginning put only the collar around your dog’s neck for a while and remove it. Repeat this few times until he gets comfortable with collar. Then start with the leash. He may not accept the leash and collar but gradually he will get over it and will get comfortable. Thereafter, start taking your dog out with the leash on. But make sure that you are walking your dog, never let the dog walk you.

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Samoyed Spoiled Rotten Dog Coasters Set of 4

Samoyed Spoiled Rotten Dog Coasters Set of 4


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