How to Keep Your Dog from Running Away

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By nature, a dog is a wild animal who likes his freedom. He likes to live in the wild and hunt his food. But since people started domesticating dogs, their behavior started changing and they started accepting, even liking to stay in homes around people. But still, there are many dogs who try to run away from homes each year.

Why Dogs Run Away:

There are different reasons that can cause the trouble in different dogs. For some dogs, it can be simply the boredom. There are many dogs who do not feel comfortable with the new place or owner. They try to run away in order to get to some place where they can feel comfortable and safe. Some dogs run away while trying to chase something or trying to catch it. Isolation, separation anxiety, mistreatment and fear are also among the common factors that can cause a dog to run away.

How to Keep Your Dog from Running Away:

In order to keep your dog from running away, you can take the following measures:

1- Socialize the Dog:

Socializing a dog is crucial for any dog with respect to various reasons. If a dog is not socialized properly, he may never feel comfortable with the home or people around him. As a result, he may try to run away from it. Socializing can make him feel comfortable and safe around people, things and the house.

2- Treat Your Dog Nicely:

Always treat your dog in the best possible way. Make sure he gets everything he needs to be happy and comfortable. You can bring him various toys to keep him occupied and happy. You can also decorate his place nicely, the way your dog is going to love it.

3- Maintain Schedule for Everything:

You should maintain a proper schedule for everything whether it is feeding time, exercise or training. Never do anything out of the schedule or when he is not feeling comfortable with it.

4- Train Him Properly:

Always train your dog properly in a way that he must understand commands and always obeys your orders. Train him humanely and never make him uncomfortable with the training.

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Home of 4 French Bulldogs Dogs Playing Poker Pillow

Home of 4 French Bulldogs Dogs Playing Poker Pillow


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