Dog Training Tips for a Well Mannered Dog

Dog Training Tips for a Well Mannered Dog

A well mannered dog isn’t always a dream to live with. You love your pooch and you certainly would love it even more when it responds the same way. A good dog would always be an obedient one that understands what you say to him. He should understand your nods and knocks. A dog shall is not born to obey you as you have to pass some certain skills to it through proper dog training. It isn’t only about hanging wall paintings and canvasses of dogs playing poker and other games if you want to show that you love dogs.

There are different ways and methods that are popular to train a pet dog. These methods go a long way in helping you get the desired results. Some people don’t believe that dogs can be trained and some think they are easy to train. Both are at the wrong place of thinking. You have to work hard to train your dog and this hard work shall never go in vain. There are some tips and tricks that you should follow if you want to get a well mannered and well trained dog. After all, you aren’t Mr. Coolidge to hire others to try for you. This is in addition to playing games with dogs, drawing their sketches and making their paintings.

The first tip is to start on the same day as you get a dog. If it is a puppy yet, you are at an easier mode to train it. Pass smiles, play with it, keep it near you, take it for a walk, watch TV with it, etc. By the way, don’t share beer or other alcoholic drinks with it as they are harmful to the dogs.

Patience is the key to success with dog training. You should not expect your pooch to start listening and responding to you the very second day. It may take time even more than you had expected. So, be patient and wait for the right time to mingle.

Be consistent in training your dog. Some skills are hard to learn for some types of dogs as compared with others. So, keep working on making it learn and one day you would have to see your success. Sometimes, you have to be hard at heart and lightly punish your dog every time it does something wrong. Be consistent with both rewards and punishments so that you could achieve your goals.

Finally, keep on carrying out research about your dog, its breed and its likes and dislikes. Knowing more about it would let you know what tricks can help you train your dog.

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Dog Training Tips for a Well Mannered Dog

Dog Training Tips for a Well Mannered Dog


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