Traveling and Vacationing With Your Dog

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


Traveling and vacationing is always fun,not just for humans but for dogs as well. Vacationing with dog can be fun and it can even make the bond stronger. There are many pet owners who like to take their pets on vacation with them and the number is increasing at a faster pace. If you are also planning a vacation with your loving dog, there are few things that you must consider before finalizing the trip.

Selecting the Destination:

The first and foremost thing is deciding where to go for vacation. You have to select such a place that is suitable for your dog as well. It has to be such a place where your dog can also have the fun of his life. Do not select such a place that has more theaters and indoor activities or the places where all the activities are for humans only.

Traveling Plan:

Traveling is an important part of your vacations. It becomes even more important when you are accompanied by a pet. If you are flying to the place, you will have to make sure that the flight allows pets on board and have safe handling for the pets.

If you are traveling by car, make sure you have all the required items to keep your dog safe and properly seated while you are driving. A dog crate or a dog car seat can be quite helpful for the purpose. While you are on the road, make sure to make pit stops and take your dog out for a walk so that he can stay relax.

Keep the Dog Hydrated:

Make sure that you keep your dog hydrated while you are traveling. You should keep at least a gallon of water with you for the dog.

Never Leave The Dog Out of Sight:

Always stay close to your dog and keep him under your supervision. It is crucial to keep the dog safe as well as people around him. Otherwise your dog can get lost, hurt himself or even hurt someone else.

ID Tags:

ID tags are crucial for your dog when you are vacationing. The tag must contain your contact number so that if the dog is lost, someone can contact you.

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


What dog breeds should not be kept as pet?

What dog breeds should not be kept as pet?

Everyone loves dogs because they are social, playful and lovable, but not all of them. Some of the dogs are known for their non-social and aggressive behavior. That makes it important for you to know that what dog breeds should not be kept as pet if you are planning to bring one for your kids. Followings are some of the aggressive breeds that are not suitable to keep around kids.

Korean Jindo:

It is a Korean breed that looks very attractive and can quickly grab your attention. But these dogs are not safe for keeping as pet because they have natural instincts of a hunting dog and are not known to be social.

American Pitbull Terrier:

Although, it is considered among the best breeds for new dog owners but it actually is not a safe breed. The breed was used for dog fights, which brings out the reasons that why it should not be kept around kids.

Australian Cattle Dog:

As the name suggests, the breed is used to keep the cattle under control when they are enjoying their meals and sunbathing in open. These can be aggressive and harmful if not treated very carefully. That makes the breed unsafe to keep as a pet.


The breed requires very hard efforts to control their behavior and train them. Theyare known for their aggression and high prey drive.

Dutch Shepherd:

Although the breed looks appealing to most but it is not suitable to keep as a pet. They are known as highly difficult to handle because of their aggressive attitude. They are very popular among police and army because of their behavior, sharp senses and physical abilities.

Australian Shepherd:

The breed is considered as beautiful, enjoyable and smart. It is highly known for participating in different types of dog sports. But they can quickly become aggressive and unruly if they are not being trained and treated properly.

Siberian Husky:

These pretty dogs are known for their endurance and other physical abilities. They require hard efforts to train and lots of regular exercise or they become hard to handle. That makes the breed unsafe for kids.

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What dog breeds should not be kept as pet?

What dog breeds should not be kept as pet?


Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

When you are planning to get a dog to keep as a pet,there are different things for you to consider before you bring him home. Before getting a dog, you have to make sure that you can afford the dog’s maintenance that includes his food, toys and random visits to a vet. There are various dogs that are considered as the most luxurious ones because of the high price tag they have and even higher costs of their maintenance. Some of the breeds can even cost you more than a hundred dollars for a single visit to a vet.

Followings are the top 5 luxury pet dogs:

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog and considered as a great watchdog because of its stubborn attitude. A Tibetan Mastiff is known as one of the most luxurious dogs. The dog has an average price tag of $3000 and you may have to visit a vet many times as the dog is known to have various health issues if not taken care of properly.

English Bulldog:

English Bulldogs are known to be cute and silly that can quickly attract anyone. They are among the most popular breeds to keep as pets. An English Bulldog can cost you $3,000 which is just the purchasing price. The vet can cost you even higher as the dog is prone to various diseases.

German Shepherd:

The breed is highly popular not just in USA but all over the world. Their large size and stubborn attitude make them one of the most suitable choices for a watchdog. You may have to spend $2,500 on an average to get a German Shepherd. The dog requires a high maintenance, which means that you may end up spending a lot.

Black Russian Terrier:

The breed is highly popular because of their dark black furry coat and positive attitude. They are considered among the most suitable house dogs. You can get a Black Russian Terrier by paying around $2,000 on an average.

Irish Wolfhound:

The breed is highly popular because of their friendly attitude. They love to play and can quickly mix-up with people. An Irish Wolfhound can come with an average price tag of $2,000.

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Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs


Top 5 Dog Breeds for Home Safety

Dogs are considered among the most preferred pets all over the world. One of the reasons for being so popular is that the dogs are friendly and cute and they can keep you occupied all day long. But there is another reason for keeping a dog in the house. People like to have a dog as a pet in the house for safe guarding the house and properties. There are many countries where people keep a dog to control the herds of sheep or cattle. There are many breeds of dogs that are known for being reliable watchdogs. Followings are the top 5 dog breeds for home safety:


The breed is highly aggressive and hard to handle. But if they are trained carefully and properly, they prove to be the best choice for a home safety dog. They look buffy and deadly which can terrify anyone but they are very obedient when they are around their owners.

German Shepherd:

It is considered among the top 5 most popular breeds all over the world by various dog ranking organizations and webs. They are known for being one of the best dogs to keep in a house for safety purposes because of their numerous qualities. They look well-muscled, strong and alert. They are smart, courageous and confident and they are very loyal and obedient to their masters.

Dutch Shepherd:

The breed is also known as a police dog because of its applications in the police and army. It has an aggressive attitude and can be very hard to handle. It is a very suitable dog to keep for home safety if trained properly.

Tibetan Mastiff:

The breed is one of the most popular dogs, especially among celebrities and politicians. The dog is considered as one of the most preferred dogs to keep in a house for home safety because of his large size, stubborn attitude and confidence.


It is one of the most popular dog breed all over the world. A Doberman is known to be a loyal and obedient dog but also an aggressive one. They are very active and have an athletic body. But at the same time, they are very smart and intelligent and can quickly assess a situation, which makes them a great watchdog for home safety.

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Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Dogs are known to be the best friends of humans. They like to be around kids and love to play with them all day long. Kids also love to be with them and have fun. But not all of the dog breeds are as friendly as you may think of them. You have to be very careful about the selection of the dog you are taking home for your kids to play with. You must select a friendly, gentle and social dog that must be safe to keep in a house around kids. Followings are 5 best pet dogs for kids:


It is a medium purebred that is one of the most preferred dogs because of their friendly attitude. It can be a great watchdog as well as a nice buddy for your kids to play with. They require regular exercise and the owners must carefully monitor their food intakes to keep them happy and healthy.


The attractive dog breed was earlier known as Brittany Spaniel that is very friendly and gentle. The breed is considered among the safest and most suitable ones to keep around kids. The breed has an athletic physical built and requires constant activities to stay healthy and happy.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retrievers are considered among the best house dogs because of their positive and friendly attitude. They are smart and intelligent, which makes them quick learners.

Boston Terrier:

The breed is also known by the name of The American Gentleman. The nickname says it all about the breed. These are one of the most suitable dogs to keep around kids. They are very affectionate and full of energy. Earlier they were used for dog fights but they are loving dogs not the fighters.


The Bulldogs are among the cutest and most attractive dogs. It is very hard to take your eyes off the Bulldogs because of their loving and affectionate attitude. The dogs are highly popular all over the world, especially in USA. There are various college sports teams and high schools that use Bulldog as Mascots.

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Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids


Most social dog breeds

Most social dog breeds

If you are going to get a dog for your kids, you must know all about the breed. Not all dogs are safe to keep in a house around kids. Some of the breeds are known to be aggressive and unsafe to keep as pets. Followings are the most social dog breeds that are suitable to keep as pets.


The breed is considered among the most suitable ones to keep in a house. They can quickly become friends to the humans as they like to play around. They love to exercise and run around.


They have a mischievous personality and comical looks that make them one of the most favorite breeds all over the world. They love to be around people and have lots of fun by playing with them.

Irish Setter:

Irish setters are known to be fun loving and affectionate dogs that are safe to keep as a pet. They look beautiful and attractive with their red-brown coat.

Springer Spaniel:

They love to be around other dogs as well as around people. The energetic and bouncy breed quickly forms a bond with its owner. They are gentle and loving dogs and enjoy playing with kids.

Basset Hound:

The breed is actually from France where they were bred for tracking and hunting. A Basset Hound is gentle around kids and can be a wonderful watchdog.


Beagles are calm, friendly and fun loving dogs. They are among the most social dogs that are safe to keep around kids and other pets. But they need proper and regular exercise to stay healthy and fit.


The breed is gentle and quite friendly and they love to play. The breed does not require much of a hard effort to train them. They are smart and quick learners.

Golden Retriever:

The breed is among the most preferred ones to keep in a house because of its friendly and kind behavior. Golden retrievers are intelligent and fun loving dogs.

Shih Tzu:

Although, Shih Tzu are cute little dogs but their friendly behavior and beautiful double coat make the even more attractive. They are quite comfortable around kids and form a strong bond within no time.

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Most social dog breeds

Most social dog breeds


10 Pet Safety Tips You Should Know

In some ways having a pet is like having a child.  You have to do all of the thinking and planning for him.  You have to be prepared for every contingency.  That means being prepared in case of emergencies and taking the proper precautions ahead of time.

Here are some tips that should help you take good care of your dog:

1.  Make sure that your dog is up-to-date on his vaccinations and that he has proper tags and ID at all times.  Microchips are recommended.  This is a great help should your dog ever become lost.  It gives him the best possible chance of being returned to you if somebody finds him.

2.  Obey leash laws.  This means that you should keep your dog safely contained in your own yard behind a fence.  When you have your dog out with you make sure that he is restrained on a good quality leash.  Don’t let your dog run loose.  This is dangerous to him and a nuisance to the neighborhood.

3.  Be careful what you feed your dog.  No chocolate.  No onions.  No raisins.  If in doubt about something your dog eats or if you suspect poisoning call your local veterinarian immediately.  Know the number of your closest emergency vet clinic and the shortest route in case you have an emergency at night.

4.  Crate train your dog.  Your dog should ride in a crate in your vehicle.  This is the safest way for your dog to travel.  Crate training is also a great way to help house train your dog.  If you ever intend to fly anywhere with your dog he will also need to fly in a crate.

5.  Keep a pet first aid kit on hand and know how to use the contents.  A good first aid kit should contain blankets, surgical tape, a muzzle, an antibacterial ointment (such as Neosporin), cotton swabs, tweezers, gauze and gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, ipecac, scissors, forceps, diarrhea medication, and activated charcoal.  Remember that if your dog experiences an injury that he may react out of fear or pain.  Be careful in handling him.  He could bite you accidentally.

6.  Take special precautions in hot summer weather and during extreme cold.  Remember that dogs can’t sweat and that they suffer during extremes of weather just as people do.  They should not be left in vehicles during either extreme, even for a few minutes.

7.  Remember that your dog needs fresh water available at all times.  Dogs can become dehydrated just as people can.

8.  Take special precautions with dogs when there may be fireworks or other loud noises.  Many dogs are sensitive to these loud booms and can become frightened from them.  Some dogs can bolt and become lost.

9.  Old dogs need special care.  Keep an eye on their weight.  You don’t want them to be either too thin or too much overweight.  Both can be signs of an underlying health problem.  Make allowances for their age.  Provide a softer place to sleep, give them more time to eat, make their food more appealing.  Take them for a senior check-up starting when they’re about seven-years-old.

10.  Be patient with puppies.  They come to you not knowing anything.  They will make mistakes.  Teach them using positive training techniques and they will be able to learn anything you want to teach them.  A trained dog is a happier dog and has a better chance of fitting into your home and lifestyle and living a wonderful life with you.

10 Pet Safety Tips You Should Know courtesy Dog Articles.

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Hip Dysplasia And Golden Retrievers

Hip dysplasia is a poor formation of the hip joints, which is a common growing disease with younger dogs of virtually every breed.  With larger breeds, unsteady hip joints are common, although hip dysplasia can be a serious problem that will limit the physical activity of your Golden.  Although many Golden Retriever owners don’t realize it, hip dysplasia is something that dogs inherit from their parents, and gets worse with age.

The signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia is nearly impossible to detect with Golden puppies, although it will start to show once the pup has reached the age of nine months.  Even though you may take your Golden to the vet to have him looked at, your vet will tell you that you need to wait to see if the symptoms are there, once the Golden Retriever has reached a certain age.

The symptoms and signs of hip dysplasia vary, although the most common include crippling or the inability to walk properly.  This disease can get better once the dog gets older though, due to the joints stabilizing, the inflammation going down, and the muscles in the hips getting stronger and more mature.  Keep in mind however, that Golden’s who have hip dysplasia when they are younger will more than likely develop arthritis when they get older.

Golden Retrievers that suffer from hip dysplasia aren’t fit for breeding, although they can still live a long and healthy life.  There are certain drugs that your vet can prescribe to your dog, which will help him control his weight and help control the disease.  These drugs can also cut down on the pain as well, helping your Golden enjoy himself as much as possible.

Some Golden Retrievers that have hip dysplasia won’t begin to show any signs at all until they get a few years old, once the muscles start to wear down and the damage to the hip muscles start to become more noticeable.  Although your dog may be active and healthy for most of his puppy years, dysplasia can slow everything down and make your dog look as if he is old and is suffering from the physical attributes of arthritis.

To eliminate the pain of hip dysplasia, there are surgery options available.  Golden Retrievers have a high threshold for pain, and won’t normally show any signs of being in pain, even though you know they are.  X-rays won’t show any signs of pain, although the limping or slow walking will tell you that your dog is hurting.  Golden Retriever’s who have this disease won’t know it – which is why you should help as much as possible.  If you do your part and help your dog seek relief – he will feel better than ever before – although he won’t let you know he hurt any at all.

Hip Dysplasia And Golden Retrievers courtesy Dog Articles.

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Acute Pancreatitis In Dogs

All mammals have a pancreas.  It plays an important role in metabolizing sugar in the body by producing insulin and it produces pancreatic enzymes to help the body digest nutrients.  In cases of acute pancreatitis the pancreas becomes inflamed.  It is a life-threatening condition.


Pancreatitis can be caused by both external and internal factors.  Some medications can contribute to pancreatitis.  Dogs can also develop infections which affect the pancreas.  Certain metabolic disorders can cause the body to have high amounts of lipids in the blood or high amounts of calcium.  Even trauma can bring on pancreatitis.  But obesity and nutrition are most commonly associated with pancreatitis.  Dogs which are overweight or which are fed diets high in fat are at increased risk for pancreatitis.  Dogs which are fed fatty table scraps or which are allowed to binge during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas can often have an attack of acute pancreatitis.  Thanksgiving leftovers and other fatty foods can lead to an attack of acute pancreatitis.


Dogs suffering from acute pancreatitis may show some of the following symptoms:

Painful abdomen
Distended abdomen
Lack of appetite
Hunching their bodies
Oily or greasy stools

You may notice these symptoms at home.  They may be particularly noticeable if your dog has binged on some fatty food or gotten into the trash and eaten something he shouldn’t have.  If you see these symptoms you should take your dog to the veterinarian so he can assess whether or not your dog has pancreatitis.  Your vet will be able to determine if your dog has other symptoms that can accompany a severe case of pancreatitis such as heart problems, difficulty breathing or a possible hemorrhage.


Your vet can make a diagnosis of pancreatitis by talking to you, observing your dog, doing a physical exam and performing some laboratory tests.  If your dog has pancreatitis he will likely have an increase in certain enzymes in his body, such as amylase and lipase.  His liver enzymes may also be affected.  His white blood cell count will also probably be raised.  Your vet may also want to take x-rays or an ultrasound.  There is also a new test called a serum cPLI (pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity) test that can help determine the state of the pancreas.


Treatment of pancreatitis will depend on the severity of the attack.  The immediate goal will be to get the attack under control and return your dog’s enzyme levels to normal.  Your vet will have to get any vomiting stopped.  Generally, your dog won’t be able to take normal food, water or oral medications for about 24 hours.  This will also give his pancreas time to return to normal.  During the next few days he will take a bland, easily-digestible, low-fat diet.  It’s very important for his recovery that his fat intake be controlled and reduced.  Your dog may need to switch to a special diet.

Your vet will also make sure that your dog is getting enough fluids.  Dehydration is common in dogs with pancreatitis so your vet may need to give your dog fluids intravenously.

Since acute pancreatitis involves an inflamed pancreas your dog may be experiencing pain.  Your vet will manage pain with pain relievers and may give your dogs appropriate antibiotics.

Long-term Recovery

It is possible for a dog to have one episode of acute pancreatitis and fully recover.  Making adjustments to his diet and avoiding fats may prevent any further occurrences.  In other cases a dog may have recurrent bouts of acute pancreatitis.  There can be complicating factors.  If your dog has diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, epilepsy or other health problems, then pancreatitis may become chronic or even lead to fatal complications.  You and your vet will need to work together to manage your dog’s long-term health needs.

Acute Pancreatitis In Dogs courtesy Dog Articles.

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Caring For Your Geriatric Dog

Growing older is something that happens to all of us, and that includes our dogs.  It may seem like it was just yesterday that you brought home a bouncing ball of fur who was trying to chew your shoes but today that puppy is a senior dog.  It’s important to provide some extra love and care for your older dog to make him comfortable and happy.

Older dogs can start to show signs of age as early as six or seven years old.  When you visit the vet you should ask about having a senior health check-up for your dog.  Your vet can do a blood panel and run some other tests to check your dog’s kidney function and make sure he’s in good health for his age.  You should have an annual senior check-up for your older dog past the age of seven.  Be sure that your vet also checks out any lumps or bumps on your older dog.  As dogs get older they can be more prone to tumors.  These tumors may be benign, but your vet may want to do a small biopsy just to make sure.  It’s always best to catch potential problems early.

As your dog gets older some of his senses will probably start to dull a bit.  His hearing may not be as sharp as it once way.  His eyesight may dim a little.  Even senses of taste and smell won’t be as good as they used to be.  These changes mean that your dog may need a little extra help.

Many older dogs begin having problems negotiating steps and stairs.  This can be due to arthritis but it’s also possible that it’s because your dog doesn’t see as well as he once did.  If your dog is having problems with stairs try walking down with him.  He may be able to do fine if you are there to guide him.  He may also have problems seeing at night which can make him reluctant to go outside to use the bathroom at night.  Try walking outside with him in the evenings and see if this improves things.

If your dog can’t smell and taste things as well as he once did he may not be as interested in his food anymore.  Go ahead and doctor up his food a little to make it smell and taste more appealing to him.  If you feed kibble then you may need to add canned food to make it smell and taste better to your dog.  Add some home cooked food to his meals to get him more interested in eating.

If your dog refuses to eat don’t assume that he has lost his appetite.  Many older dogs have dental problems that keep them from eating no matter how hungry they are.  Check your dog’s breath.  If it’s very bad then he may have some serious tooth decay or a tooth that needs to be removed.  Look at his teeth.  Does he have any brown or green-looking teeth?  Take your dog to the vet and have him or her do a dental check to see if dental problems are keeping your dog from eating.  Your dog may need to have a bad tooth pulled or some other problem fixed.

Many older dogs have some problems with arthritis.  If your dog has severe problems you should check with your vet to see if your dog needs some pain medication.  You can also look for supplements that have helped many dogs, such as glucosamine-chondroitin and MSM.  There are also products that contain shark cartilage and other ingredients said to help arthritis that may benefit your dog.

Older dogs can also benefit from sleeping on good bed.  Orthopedic dog beds can make your dog feel better.  Look for beds that have an egg-crate type mattress or which distribute the dog’s weight evenly across the whole mattress.  This makes it much easier for your dog to get up without any pain.  A heated bed will also help your dog.

There are many things you can do to help your geriatric dog feel better and live a more comfortable life.  If he seems to be having difficulties you should always check with your vet.  Otherwise, do what it takes to make him comfortable and happy.

Caring For Your Geriatric Dog courtesy Dog Articles.

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