Traveling and Vacationing With Your Dog

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Traveling and vacationing is always fun,not just for humans but for dogs as well. Vacationing with dog can be fun and it can even make the bond stronger. There are many pet owners who like to take their pets on vacation with them and the number is increasing at a faster pace. If you are also planning a vacation with your loving dog, there are few things that you must consider before finalizing the trip.

Selecting the Destination:

The first and foremost thing is deciding where to go for vacation. You have to select such a place that is suitable for your dog as well. It has to be such a place where your dog can also have the fun of his life. Do not select such a place that has more theaters and indoor activities or the places where all the activities are for humans only.

Traveling Plan:

Traveling is an important part of your vacations. It becomes even more important when you are accompanied by a pet. If you are flying to the place, you will have to make sure that the flight allows pets on board and have safe handling for the pets.

If you are traveling by car, make sure you have all the required items to keep your dog safe and properly seated while you are driving. A dog crate or a dog car seat can be quite helpful for the purpose. While you are on the road, make sure to make pit stops and take your dog out for a walk so that he can stay relax.

Keep the Dog Hydrated:

Make sure that you keep your dog hydrated while you are traveling. You should keep at least a gallon of water with you for the dog.

Never Leave The Dog Out of Sight:

Always stay close to your dog and keep him under your supervision. It is crucial to keep the dog safe as well as people around him. Otherwise your dog can get lost, hurt himself or even hurt someone else.

ID Tags:

ID tags are crucial for your dog when you are vacationing. The tag must contain your contact number so that if the dog is lost, someone can contact you.

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


Private Dog Parks: Can Be the Safe Choice

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It is not suitable for any dog to keep him locked up in the house all the times. It is extremely important for the dog to be outside the house at times. It has immense effects on his physical and mental health. A dog owner must maintain a schedule to take his dog out for a walk or to play. It offers him a sense of freedom and interaction with various new people, places and things. There are different options for a dog owner to select from when it comes to taking the dog out and private dog parks are one of the best and safe options.

Advantages of a Private Dog Park:

Private dog parks are under proper management that runs and maintains the parks.These parks are properly fenced and have rules and regulation to follow. That helps the management to ensure a dog’s safety while he is having fun. Moreover, these parks are leash-free areas. It means that a dog can enjoy the fun time and exercise without any leash at all. He can run freely and play without any worry.

Socializing is an important part of any dog’s life and the dog parks are offering a great opportunity for the purpose. Your dog can interact with other dogs and people and may get socialize quicker than you would have expected.

Selecting a Private Dog Park:

There are different factors that you must consider before selecting a park for your dog. You can ask your friends for references or anyone from your social circle who takes his dog to a private dog park. Internet can also offer you a great convenience in your selection. Make sure that the park is safe for your dog. The park should have taken all the required measures to keep the dogs safe and secure, from outside as well as from inside the park. In addition, the park must have all the fun activities to offer your dog so that he can have lots of fun while he is at the park.

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Great Dane Puppy Dog Art Portrait Print 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin

Great Dane Puppy Dog Art Portrait Print 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin


What activities are loved by dogs?

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A dog is an adorable little pet who keeps the owner happy and entertained with his cute activities. But it is also important for the dog lovers to keep their dogs happy and satisfied. That makes it crucial to know that what activities are loved by dogs. You can keep a dog happy and satisfied by keeping him indulged in the activities he loves the most. We all have seen dogs enjoying various activities but given below are the activities that are loved the most by dogs and make them happier.

Outdoor Activities:

Just like humans, dogs also like to go out and have fun. They enjoy the outdoor activities a lot. If you want to keep you dog happy and healthy, outdoor activities can offer you a great help. There are numerous activities that your dog can enjoy while he is out of the house like exercise, walks, playing and much more. Even if you take your dog with you while you are going for a drive, he is going to enjoy that.


Everyone likes treats but the dogs simply love it. It can quickly cherish them and make them happy. The treat does not mean just something to eat. It can be anything even petting your dog when he follows your command or does something adorable. The treats are very helpful to socialize your dog and to train him.

Playing with Toys:

Toys are not popular just among kids but also among dogs. There is a huge variety of toys available that are specifically made for dogs. The toys are available in different styles, sizes and colors.That makes it easier for a dog owner to select the most suitable one. Whether it is a talking toy or simple rubber ball, dogs love to play with the toys.


Dogs are affectionate pets who like to receive the same in return. Petting is a form of appreciation and encouragement. It also shows the love of the owner towards his dog. That is why the petting is one of the most loved activities of dogs.

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Pugs Dogs Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set

Pugs Dogs Playing Poker Mug & Mousepad Combo Gift Set


Best Dog Breeds to Play With

Best Dog Breeds to Play With

Dogs are cute and adorable but some dogs have a deadly appearance. But even the appearances can be wrong in some cases. You cannot be sure about a dog just by looking at the appearance. When you are bringing a dog home to be around kids, you have to make sure that you getting such a dog that is friendly, playful and safe to be around kids. Mentioned below are some of the best dog breeds to play with:

West Highland White Terrier:

The breed is small in size and looks really adorable with its white fluffy jacket. The dogs are known for their intelligence and playful behavior. They are friendly and completely safe to be around kids. They are very energetic and like to run, dig and play.

Golden Retriever:

If you need a smart, loyal and playful dog, selecting a Golden retriever can be the right choice. They are confident and kind and love to be around kids. They are very patient which make them perfect for kids to play with. A golden retriever requires lots of exercise which is why they are quite playful most of the time. But they require proper attention and regular exercise otherwise they may adopt anxiety or may have serious health issues.


Poodles are among the most popular playful dogs all over the world. The dogs are equally popular among kids as well as adults. There are various reasons for the breed to be so popular including obedience, intelligence and their love for fun and games. They go along very good with people as well as with other pets.


Collie is a gentle and kind breed that is highly popular for being friendly and playful. They are rarely seen misbehaving, which makes them quite suitable to be around kids. They can be socialized and trained without requiring lots of effort.


The spunky little Papillon is a cute and friendly dog who likes to stay around kids. They are very energetic and can be seen running, jumping and playing in a park. They love to spend quality time with kids by keeping them happy and entertained.

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Best Dog Breeds to Play With

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Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

Different dogs welcome winter season in different ways. Some dogs love to play aroundin the winter season whereas some usually like to stay inside the house cuddled up under a cozy blanket. Irrespective of how your dog welcomes the winter season, it is very important for you to keep your dog safe and healthy in the cold season. Most people think that the furry coat is enough for dogs to protect them against the effects of winter. But the facts prove otherwise. There are huge numbers of dogs that get sick in winter season each year because the owners failed to take proper measures to keep them protected.

Grooming the Dog for the Winter:

Grooming is an important part of keeping the dog protected against harsh effects of the cold weather. A well-groomed and clean coat will offer a great help to your dog to stay safe. If you have bathed your dog, make sure to dry him properly before he gets outside the house to play.

Keep the House Warm:

Dogs spend lots of time in the house, so it is important to control the house temperature to a certain level. Either, too hot or too cold environments can cause harm to your loving dog. So, always make sure that the room temperature is comfortable for your dog.

Keeping the Dog Warm:

In the cold weather, just like humans, it is important for dogs as well to stay warm. Protecting the dog with a nice and comfortable coat or sweater can be the best idea especially when you are taking him out. You should select such a coat or sweater that can cover your dog from neck to the tail including his belly.

Time to Go Out:

It is more appropriate for your dog to go out when the sun is shining. It will keep him safe from the harsh colds of the winter. Early afternoons are the most suitable hours for the dogs to go out.

Cozy Bedding:

Make sure that your dog has cozy and comfortable bedding where he can stay warm. Heated dog beds are the ideal ones but a raised bed and a cozy blanket are also suitable for the purpose.

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Keeping a Dog Safe and Healthy in winter

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How to Stop Dog Barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

Dogs are known as great companions to humans. But at some point, even a gentle dog can start bothering you by excessively barking. Barking is natural in dogs but not the excessive barking. There can be various reasons for a dog to adopt the barking behavior. The treatments for the behavior can vary from one reason to another. So before trying to stop your dog from barking, you must understand the root cause of the problem. Followings are few measures that can help you to know how to stop dog barking:

Immediately Attend to Your Dog:

As stated earlier, the treatments can differ from one cause to another. This method may work in a certain situation but highly discouraged for the rest. Your dog may be barking because he may have pain or some other problem. You must attend to your dog immediately to help him and calm him down.

Stop it Right from the Beginning:

One of the most convenient and simple ways to help your dog to avoid barking is discouraging him right the time he starts adopting the behavior. It is easier in the beginning as compared to the later as the dog may get more rigid and habitual to the barking. Discouraging your dog by your attitude or even scolding him can help him to understand that he is doing wrong. Do not offer him treats to make him stop barking. Offering treats whenever he barks will encourage him to continue the behavior.

Eliminating the Root Cause:

Some dogs may have developed fear of something or someone. If your dog has witnessed or experienced some tragedy, he may have developed fear of the involved things or persons. One of the convenient ways to stop your dog barking is keeping the things away from him. Otherwise, making him comfortable and social with the things or the persons can be helpful. Whether your dog barks out of fear, nervousness or aggression, this method can work for him.

Ignoring the Dog:

For all the attention seeker dogs, ignoring them while they bark can be very handy to make them stop. It will discourage your dog and he will eventually stop barking. It is very helpful even when you are trying other methods.

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How to Stop Dog Barking

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How to Safely Trim Dog Nails

How to Safely Trim Dog Nails

There are certain reasons that cause a dog owner to trim the nails of his dogs. There are some breeds that do not require nail trimming because their nails wear off naturally. But for the rest of the breeds, it is important to cut the nails short. Longer nails can cause discomfort to your dog’s feet when he hits a hard surface. Moreover, trimmed nails help your dog to look more friendly, safe and attractive. But trimming the nails can be a difficult job if you do not know how to trim dog nails. Followings are few suggestions to trim dog nails safely without having any trouble.

Selection of the Right Nail Trimmer:

Some people may buy just any nail trimmer available in the market which is not suggested at all. There are different trimmers available in different styles and sizes which make the selection a lot easier. You must select the trimmer in right size and style depending on your dog and his nails. Scissors, plier and guillotine are some of the common styles of trimmers available in small, medium and large sizes to make the selection more convenient.

Pre-Trimming Exercise:

Dogs usually do not feel comfortable with the trimmers irrespective of the style and size. So in order to save yourself and your dog from any inconvenient situation, the pre-trimming exercise can be very helpful. Simply take the trimmer and act the way you should be acting while trimming the dog’s nails. You do not have to cut the nails, just take the trimmer near his nails and press it. Offering some treats can also help to make him comfortable. You will need to repeat the process for a few times.

Trimming the Nails:

You should not start trimming the nails of your dog immediately when you think that the dog is comfortable with the trimmer. Instead, you should start trimming the nails next day. Separate the toes of your dog from each other to cut the nail more conveniently and safely. You do not have to cut all the nails at the same time. You can cut a few nails at one time and should cut the rest after some time or even the next day.

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How to Safely Trim Dog Nails

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Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

When you are planning to get a dog to keep as a pet,there are different things for you to consider before you bring him home. Before getting a dog, you have to make sure that you can afford the dog’s maintenance that includes his food, toys and random visits to a vet. There are various dogs that are considered as the most luxurious ones because of the high price tag they have and even higher costs of their maintenance. Some of the breeds can even cost you more than a hundred dollars for a single visit to a vet.

Followings are the top 5 luxury pet dogs:

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog and considered as a great watchdog because of its stubborn attitude. A Tibetan Mastiff is known as one of the most luxurious dogs. The dog has an average price tag of $3000 and you may have to visit a vet many times as the dog is known to have various health issues if not taken care of properly.

English Bulldog:

English Bulldogs are known to be cute and silly that can quickly attract anyone. They are among the most popular breeds to keep as pets. An English Bulldog can cost you $3,000 which is just the purchasing price. The vet can cost you even higher as the dog is prone to various diseases.

German Shepherd:

The breed is highly popular not just in USA but all over the world. Their large size and stubborn attitude make them one of the most suitable choices for a watchdog. You may have to spend $2,500 on an average to get a German Shepherd. The dog requires a high maintenance, which means that you may end up spending a lot.

Black Russian Terrier:

The breed is highly popular because of their dark black furry coat and positive attitude. They are considered among the most suitable house dogs. You can get a Black Russian Terrier by paying around $2,000 on an average.

Irish Wolfhound:

The breed is highly popular because of their friendly attitude. They love to play and can quickly mix-up with people. An Irish Wolfhound can come with an average price tag of $2,000.

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Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs

Top 5 Luxury Pet Dogs


Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Dogs are known to be the best friends of humans. They like to be around kids and love to play with them all day long. Kids also love to be with them and have fun. But not all of the dog breeds are as friendly as you may think of them. You have to be very careful about the selection of the dog you are taking home for your kids to play with. You must select a friendly, gentle and social dog that must be safe to keep in a house around kids. Followings are 5 best pet dogs for kids:


It is a medium purebred that is one of the most preferred dogs because of their friendly attitude. It can be a great watchdog as well as a nice buddy for your kids to play with. They require regular exercise and the owners must carefully monitor their food intakes to keep them happy and healthy.


The attractive dog breed was earlier known as Brittany Spaniel that is very friendly and gentle. The breed is considered among the safest and most suitable ones to keep around kids. The breed has an athletic physical built and requires constant activities to stay healthy and happy.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retrievers are considered among the best house dogs because of their positive and friendly attitude. They are smart and intelligent, which makes them quick learners.

Boston Terrier:

The breed is also known by the name of The American Gentleman. The nickname says it all about the breed. These are one of the most suitable dogs to keep around kids. They are very affectionate and full of energy. Earlier they were used for dog fights but they are loving dogs not the fighters.


The Bulldogs are among the cutest and most attractive dogs. It is very hard to take your eyes off the Bulldogs because of their loving and affectionate attitude. The dogs are highly popular all over the world, especially in USA. There are various college sports teams and high schools that use Bulldog as Mascots.

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Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids

Top 5 Best Pet Dogs for Kids