Traveling and Vacationing With Your Dog

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Traveling and vacationing is always fun,not just for humans but for dogs as well. Vacationing with dog can be fun and it can even make the bond stronger. There are many pet owners who like to take their pets on vacation with them and the number is increasing at a faster pace. If you are also planning a vacation with your loving dog, there are few things that you must consider before finalizing the trip.

Selecting the Destination:

The first and foremost thing is deciding where to go for vacation. You have to select such a place that is suitable for your dog as well. It has to be such a place where your dog can also have the fun of his life. Do not select such a place that has more theaters and indoor activities or the places where all the activities are for humans only.

Traveling Plan:

Traveling is an important part of your vacations. It becomes even more important when you are accompanied by a pet. If you are flying to the place, you will have to make sure that the flight allows pets on board and have safe handling for the pets.

If you are traveling by car, make sure you have all the required items to keep your dog safe and properly seated while you are driving. A dog crate or a dog car seat can be quite helpful for the purpose. While you are on the road, make sure to make pit stops and take your dog out for a walk so that he can stay relax.

Keep the Dog Hydrated:

Make sure that you keep your dog hydrated while you are traveling. You should keep at least a gallon of water with you for the dog.

Never Leave The Dog Out of Sight:

Always stay close to your dog and keep him under your supervision. It is crucial to keep the dog safe as well as people around him. Otherwise your dog can get lost, hurt himself or even hurt someone else.

ID Tags:

ID tags are crucial for your dog when you are vacationing. The tag must contain your contact number so that if the dog is lost, someone can contact you.

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag

Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Golden Retrievers Dog in Costumes House Flag


Ways to Stop Ten Common Dog Behavior Issues

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Dogs can adopt different behavior issues throughout their lives. Given below are ten most common dog behavior issues and how you can stop them.

1- Begging for Food:

It is quite common in dogs of all ages. Just stop giving food to the dog from the table. You can also place your dog away from the dining room when you are going to have a meal.

2- Whining:

Whining is a way for a dog to get your attention. You should never react to the whining otherwise the dog will know that it works and he will keep repeating it.

3- Constant Barking:

Training your dog to obey your commands can resolve the barking problem. Or you can offer him something better to stay busy like a toy to play with.

4- Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity can be caused by various reasons including lack of exercise. Make sure that your dog gets a reasonable amount of daily exercise. If it is just to gain your attention, simply ignore it.

5- Leash Pulling:

Always use a short leash but a loose one. When you are walking the dog and he starts pulling the leash, stop walking. Eventually, he will stop pulling the leash.

6- Chewing on Different Things:

This is a very dangerous habit that has to be stopped. You can give him a chewing toy that he likes the most which will help you to break the habit.

7- Stealing:

There can be several reasons for the behavior. You can keep your things protected away from your dog and place different toys around that will keep him busy.

8- Digging:

Digging is something that has to be stopped right away when he starts doing it. You can stop him by offering his favorite toys or by scolding him.

9- Chasing Things:

It can be dangerous for the dog especially when he is outside. It can be stopped by training the dog to listen to your commands and obeying. A strong leash can also be helpful to stop the chasing.

10- Separation Anxiety:

It is commonly triggered because of the lack of activity while you are away. You should provide enough toys and games to your dog that he may stay busy till you come home.

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Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Australian Shepherd Dogs Christmas Pillow

Happy Holidays with Santa Sleeping with Australian Shepherd Dogs Christmas Pillow


Why a dog should not be left alone at home

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Owning a dog is not as simple as it may sound as there are certain things the owner has to take care of. There are many dog owners who keep their dogs locked at home even when they are going just for a walk or to shop. But there are certain reasons that why a dog should not be left alone at home. Given below are some of the common reasons that why you should not leave your dog alone at home.


All the dog owners know the importance of socializing a dog. If your dog is not socialized, you cannot keep him around people, especially kids.  He may not be able to behave around them and feel threatened. One of the important steps in socializing a dog is taking him out and introducing him to the new places, things and people. Leaving him alone at home is a huge hurdle in socializing a dog as he will never be comfortable to any changes or to new people.

Lack of Experience and Learning:

Just like humans, experience is extremely important for dogs as well. If you will keep your dog locked up in the house, he will not be able to experience new things and learn. Experience is an important part of learning. So, if you want your dog to be comfortable with new things and to learn, you should not keep him locked in the house.


Boredom can seriously hurt the mental health of your dog as well as physical health. Solitude can cause a dog to develop anxiety and he may become dangerous for your guests and can also harm himself. Dogs are simply not made to stay idle. They like to stay active and play around. For the purpose, they may do something completely unsuitable or even harmful.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is very common in the dogs who have to stay home most of their lives. It can be very harmful for the dogs and can lead to various health hazards. A dog suffering from separation anxiety may even lose his appetite and interest in the activities he used to love the most.

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French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas

French Bulldog Art Portrait Print Canvas


Understanding Dog Body Language

Understanding Dog Body Language

Having a pet is very joyful but there are certain problems that the pet owners have to come across. Understanding what the pet is trying to say is one of the problems. Pets cannot communicate to us verbally but only through their body language and body part movements. It is not different for dogs. There are certain body movements and behaviors that can help the owner to understand that what the dog is trying to say. It is very important for any dog owner to understand dog body language so that he can take proper care of his dog.

Body Language of a Relaxed Dog:

A relaxed and happy dog will have a relaxed and fluid body. He will have a slightly open mouth and the tongue would be hanging out. He will have relaxed facial expressions and blinking or squinty eyes. His ears will be straight up not leaning forward and the tail can be either relaxed and down or he may be wagging it fast.

Body Language of a Nervous or Stressed Dog:

When a dog is stressed or nervous, he may show different signs. His ears will be turned backward and he may have a shivering body because of the adrenaline. A continues yawning and lip licking are also signs of stress. Lower tail and a curved tongue can also be seen in a stressed or nervous dog. Moreover, body freezing and lack of focus are also clearly visible in the nervous dogs.

Body Language of an Aggressive Dog:

There are different reasons that can make a dog aggressive. There are certain body signs in a dog that can let you know if your dog is aggressive. An aggressive dog has a tense mouth and turns his ears backward. He leans his body forward to let the opponent know that he is ready to attack. As a warning to his opponent to back out, he may also snap in the air. An aggressive dog has dilated pupils and wrinkled nose.

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Understanding Dog Body Language

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Stop a Dog From Gnawing

Stop a Dog From Gnawing

Although, chewing is a normal activity in all breeds of dogs but it can be quite problematic when they start chewing inappropriate things. Gnawing can be triggered in different dogs for different reasons. One of the common reasons is boredom. A dog may find it a good way to kill some time and to get rid of the boredom. It can also be caused by an anxiety, nervousness or fear. Another common reason for the behavior is the will to explore. They explore different objects and things by chewing them. Following few steps can help the dogs to stop gnawing.

Chewing Toys:

One of the most helpful means to stop a dog from gnawing is providing him different chewing toys or objects. You may have to experiment with different chewing toys to know your dog’s choice. There are huge numbers of chewing toys and objects available in the market that can make the selection easier for you. If a dog has the toys to chew on that he likes, he will stop inappropriate chewing.

Discouraging Gnawing:

When you see a dog chewing inappropriate objects, you should take it from him immediately. Scolding can be very helpful for the purpose. While taking the inappropriate objects from your dog, you should direct him towards the right chewing toys. You may have to repeat it for a few times but the dog will gradually stop chewing the inappropriate things.

More exercise and Playtime:

A dog may chew on the wrong things just because he is feeling bored. Spending more time with him and playing with him can stop him from gnawing. You should take your dog out for a walk and exercise for more time than you used to. Keeping him occupied with various fun activities will keep him away from chewing the inappropriate things.

See a Vet:

If the problem is very serious and the gnawing is too aggressive, you must visit a vet. The problem may have been caused by a medical issue. The dog may have pain in his mouth due to some reason or it may have been triggered by nutrition deficiency. So visiting a vet can help your dog to get rid of the problem.

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Stop a Dog From Gnawing

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

Odd Behaviors in Dogs

It is very hard to find a single human who does not like pets. There are certain reasons that may cause someone to not to have a pet but we all love them. But keeping a pet can be very difficult at times as they cannot communicate verbally. All we can do is look at their behavior and guess what they want. Cats are known as mysterious creatures, not the dogs. But there are some odd behaviors in dogs that can make you wonder. It can be very hard for someone to understand that what they are trying to tell him just by looking at the odd behaviors.

Followings are some of the odd behaviors you may find in a dog:

Barking at or Avoiding Mirror:

All of the dog owners have seen their dogs either barking at the mirror or avoiding it. It is considered as an odd behavior but it is not. The dogs are very conscious about their territory and when they look at the mirror and see a dog, they start reacting. Moreover, they have very strong sniffing sense but the reflection in the mirror is odorless which freaks them out.

Barking at Lifeless Things:

You may have witnessed a dog barking at a lifeless thing. It is caused by the fear. When he looked at the thing, someone may have moved it. The dog may have considered it a threat and as a reaction; he started barking in order to warn it or to make it leave.

Flank Sucking:

It is a behavior in dogs when they start sucking blankets or even their own thighs while going to sleep. It is a dangerous behavior as while sucking the blanket, your dog may swallow a piece of cloth that can even endanger his life.

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog starts behaving weird when you are leaving, he may have separation anxiety. There can be different reasons for the behavior in different dogs. Such a behavior can be very harmful to the dog as he may start breaking things and may injure himself. If your dog has very aggressive separation anxiety, you must immediately see a qualified vet to treat the anxiety.

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Odd Behaviors in Dogs

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How to Stop Separation Anxiety in a Dog

How to Stop Separation Anxiety in a Dog

Separation anxiety can be caused for various reasons that can differ from one dog to another. Most commonly, it is caused by a sudden change in the dog’s routine. You may be spending more time with your dog and suddenly you start spending less time. Even if a member of your house has left who used to spend a lot of time with your dog can also cause the problem. Dogs are known to be habitual in nature. They quickly get used to a routine they feel comfortable with. Any sudden change in the routine can make them confused and unsettled.

The level or symptoms of separation anxiety can differ a lot from dog to dog. Some may just feel sad and do nothing other than waiting for you. But some may get indulged into destructive behavior and start breaking and tearing things. Followings are few suggestions to help you know how to stop separation anxiety in a dog.

Keep the Dog Occupied:

One of the very useful ways to stop separation anxiety is to keep the dog occupied. Provide him various toys he likes and such a play area where he can play safely while you are not around. A play area with a window is highly suggested. Place various fun games in the play area so that he can play the games as long as he wants. His favorite games and toys will keep him busy all day long and he will stop missing you anxiously.


Taking the dog out for a walk before leaving can be very helpful. Also, make sure that he gets plenty of exercise. Using a dog backpack with extra weight can do the trick very conveniently. It will exhaust your dog and he will eventually start behaving normally. Offering treat after he behaves can speed up the process.

Ignoring the Dog While Leaving:

Some dog owners get very attached to their dogs and when they see the long faces of their dogs, they start hugging and petting them. It is not suitable as it will make the problem more critical. When you are leaving the house, you should ignore the dog for few minutes. Afterward pet him a little and leave.

See a Vet:

If your dog does not start behaving or the symptoms are too aggressive, you should immediately see a vet for a treatment.

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How to Stop Separation Anxiety in a Dog

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Health and Sickness Signs in a Dog

Health and Sickness Signs in a Dog

It is very important for any dog owner to read and understand the signs being communicated by the dog. The dogs are unable to communicate through words but only through their body language. It is extremely hard or even near to impossible to keep a dog healthy and satisfied if you are unable to understand his body language. A dog owner can know whether his dog is healthy or sick through reading the symptoms. That makes it important to know health and sickness signs in a dog. Given below are some important signs of health and sickness in a dog.

Healthy Dog Signs:

If your dog is normal and healthy, he will show you the following signs:

  • Your dog will have clear and bright eyes. If your dog’s eyes have water in it, he can be sick.
  • Ear conditions of dog ears can vary from one breed to another. Normally, a dog will have light pink ears from inside. But a dog can have black pigment inside if he is dark-skinned. The ears of a healthy dog are free of discharge and can be either completely clean or may have little wax traces inside.
  • A healthy dog has a clear and smooth skin. It is free of any rashes or scabs.
  • The gums of a healthy dog are normally pink. You do not have to worry even if your dog gums have gray or black pigments as it is normal.
  • You also have to observe the stool of your dog as it can also help you to know if your dog is healthy or not. If the stool is firm and free of parasites, it means that your dog is completely healthy.
  • Average temperature of a dog is 101.5 degrees. But if your dog’s temperature ranges from 100 to 102 degrees, there is no need to worry.

Sick Dog Signs:

  • Persisting vomiting in a dog means that he is sick and need immediate attention.
  • Excessive drinking is not normal in dogs as it is a sign of sickness.
  • Lack of appetite is also caused by sickness
  • Excessive urination in a dog is caused by sickness
  • A sudden change in your dog’s behavior can be caused by illness
  • If you dog show difficulty in chewing or walking, he may have a sickness

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Health and Sickness Signs in a Dog

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The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

1.  Water.  You probably already know that dogs need fresh, clean water at all times.  All of us do.  But if you want to remove as many toxins as possible from your dog’s water and do everything possible to keep him healthy, think about using a water filter.  Tap water can contain many unhealthy chemicals such as lead and low levels of prescription medications.  A water filter or purifier can help remove as many toxins from the water as possible and make the water healthier for you and your dog.

2.  Food.  There are an amazing number of dog foods on the market today.  Unfortunately, many of them are not made from very healthy ingredients.  They may technically pass government standards but they can contain ingredients that you wouldn’t want your dog to eat.  You can choose healthier food for your dog by doing some research and learning to read dog food labels.  Look for foods that contain more meats than fillers.  Most of the better foods contain much less corn and other cereal products.  It’s not necessary to go completely grain-free but you should look for foods that have named meat sources, such as lamb, lamb meal, chicken, chicken meal, and so on.

You should also avoid foods that contain the preservative ethoxyquin.  This same ingredient is used in making tires.  It’s not something that you want your dog to eat.  Instead, look for natural preservatives such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, citric acid and rosemary.  These natural preservatives all have antioxidant properties and are healthier for your dog.

3.  Vet care.  Good vet care is, of course, important for your dog’s long term health.  This means flea control, heartworm prevention and receiving the necessary vaccinations.  However, all of these issues are the subject of some debate.  Flea control and heartworm prevention often involve using strong chemicals.  Some people feel that pets are being over-vaccinated.  You should familiarize yourself with these issues and discuss them with your veterinarian.  We are not advising you to leave off topical flea control or chewable monthly heartworm prevention.  Heartworms can kill dogs and flea infestation can make a dog’s life (and their human’s) miserable.  Vaccinations are necessary, at least at some intervals.  We are recommending that you do further reading and talk to your vet about what is necessary for the health of your dog.

4.  Exercise.  It’s very important that your dog gets the proper exercise.  As much as 40 percent of the dogs in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese.  This is often because owners overfeed them, give them too many treats and table scraps, and because the dogs don’t get enough exercise.  Taking your dog out for a daily walk is a good way to help your dog stay in shape.  Add a weekly run and your dog will be a much healthier dog.

5.  Spend time with your dog.  All of the other things you do for your dog’s health — providing him with good water, food, vet care and exercise — will be meaningless if you don’t spend time with your dog.  Enjoying your time together can do more than almost anything else to keep your dog healthy and happy.  Dogs have been shown to have a beneficial effect on human health.  The same is true of humans and dogs — we have a beneficial effect on their health.  Just petting a dog can improve the way he feels and acts.  Spend time with your dog and he will be a happier, healthier dog throughout his life.

The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy courtesy Dog Articles.

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How Important Is Your Dog’s Name?

When you get a new puppy you of course have to name him or her. If the puppy is registered you will need a name for the official registration papers as well as a call name. Both names are important, but in different ways.

The registered name often begins with the name of the kennel that the dog came from. This is also a part of his show name. All registered names must be original. Although these names have a rather fancy sound to them, when you understand more about how they are given they are actually fun.

Besides the kennel name the registered names can include the name of the dam and or the sire. Any combination of ancestors along with a theme is very common. However, AKC limits the name to thirty-six characters in length, including spaces, so if the names are long it can certainly present a problem. For an extra fee the length can be extended up to fifty characters.

Registered names often have no relationship whatsoever with the call name. Call names should be rather short; two to three syllables is the recommended length. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have more than one dog the names should be different enough that the dogs can easily distinguish them. For example, naming one dog Holly and another one Molly would not be a good idea.

Many people choose to name their dogs right away; in fact, they may even have the name picked out before they ever see the dog. Other people want to keep the dog a wait or two before naming him so that they can choose a name that matches the dog’s personality. And still others prefer a name that describes the dog’s physical appearance to some degree, such as naming a big dog Bruno or a Black dog Blackie.

Originality is nice but when it comes to dogs, just like people’s names, there are certain names that are all time favorites for particular breeds or dog stereotypes. And just as with human names, dog names sometimes become popular because of a TV show, a song, an actor, a movie, a rock band, etc. Since dogs can live to be up to twenty years or longer it is suggested that the name be one that is somewhat evergreen; simply meaning that the name will have significance in the years to come, even if the namesake doesn’t.

Once you have decided on a name you should begin using it as much as possible. The goal is to find ways to get your dog to associate the name with a meaning. By using his name regularly he will quickly pick up on the fact that the name refers to him.

How Important Is Your Dog’s Name courtesy Dog Articles.

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