Factors That Influence Managing Your Dog Obedience Problems

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Most people find it quite simple and easy task to have a dog but it is not as simple as they may think. Just like little babies, the dog requires lots of effort. There are many things a dog owner has to take care of in order to keep the dog healthy and happy. Managing the dog’s obedience problems is one of the issues a dog owner has to face. Stated below are some of the important factors that influence managing your dog obedience problems so that you can handle the situation in a better way.


Selection of the right breed is a foremost and essential step towards a strong relationship between the owner and the dog. Some breeds are fast learners and start obeying the owner right from the beginning and some start obeying after spending some time with the owner. But there are some breeds that are known to be aggressive and stubborn. So, make sure that you are selecting the right breed.

Lack of Knowledge:

There are many people who instantly feels the need to adopt a dog without any particular reason. They simply get a dog and later on they discover that they cannot handle him properly. So, it is never a good idea to adopt a dog without serious intentions. Make sure that you really want to get a dog and you have all the required knowledge so that you can train the dog properly.

Don’t Know How to Train a Dog:

Not all the dog owners are good dog trainers. So, if you do not know anything about training a dog, you should hire a professional who knows it well. Professionals are quite capable of training any dog belonging to any breed. They can train him according to his characteristics and requirements. They can take care of his physical exercise as well as his mental exercise.

Behavioral Problems:

Dog can adopt different habits at different stages of their lives. Sometimes these habits are unexpected but can be common in dogs like aggression and anxiety. If your dog starts exhibiting any behavioral problems, contacting a professional is highly suggested. It can offer you good results in resolving the issue faster.

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Blue Russian Cat Magnet

Blue Russian Cat Magnet


Extremely Fearful Dogs

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The dogs are commonly considered fearless and dangerous but that is not true for all dogs. There are some dog breeds that are extremely dangerous but at the same time, there are some dogs that are fearful of most things. For some dogs, it can be an accident or an incident that has made them afraid of things or people. But there are some dogs that are naturally afraid of things and people. There are ways to treat the problem so there is no need to worry if you have selected such a dog that is fearful. Given below are the extremely fearful dogs:


Pugs are cute little loving dogs. These dogs are best for you especially if you live in a small apartment. These are known for being shy and quiet. A pub is naturally afraid of many things around him. He is extremely shy by nature so he may not like to be surrounded by people. The pugs are also afraid of loud noises, cars, unfamiliar places, various objects. They also do not like to be left alone and may develop separation anxiety. A pug requires proper care and attention from his owner and needs proper training to live a comfortable life.


The breed is known for being one of the most favorites of royal families especially in China. It is a very intelligent but shy breed. These are known as great human companions but most of the Pekingese are known to be fearful of a variety of things including thunderstorms and water. They may not like to be around strangers but they can get over it eventually. They also do not feel comfortable with loud noises so you have to be careful around them.


It is a fun loving breed that is a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Poodle. The breed is known for being gentle, affectionate and active. Yorkipoo are very popular for their fast running speed and high jumping. If they are not trained properly, they can be afraid of many things including loud noises, people, cars and even water. Sometimes, they can even start shaking and shivering for no reasons leaving the owner confused.

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Miniature Pinscher Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket

Miniature Pinscher Dog Art Portrait Print Woven Throw Sherpa Plush Fleece Blanket


Dog Training – Everything You Need to Know


There are certain reasons that people like to get a dog as a pet. They are fun to have around and they can keep you happy and occupied with their lovable activities. But there are lots of things that you will have to teach your dog especially when you have kids at home. Training is essential for every dog so here is everything you must know about dog training:

Why You Need to Train Your Dog:

Every dog has to be trained for certain reasons. Dogs are wild by nature and they do not know how to live in a house and how to behave around people. You have to socialize a dog before he can be a part of your family. Whether you are getting a dog to keep in the house or you need one as a guard, you have to train him.

Training is a Solution to Various Dog Issues:

There can be different problems a dog may have to experience in his life. A proper training can help the dog owner to resolve the problems. Whether your dog has an aggression problem or he is suffering from separation anxiety, a proper training can help your dog to recover from the problem.

Hiring a Professional or Train Yourself:

You can select either of the options depending on your routine. If you have enough time and know how to train a dog than training him yourself is a better option. It helps to pay more attention to your dog and to create a stronger bond faster. But there are certain issues that may require a professional to handle it. For example, if your dog has developed an aggressive behavior, contacting a professional is a better choice.

How to Start:

You can start the training by helping your dog to learn how to behave. Socializing a dog is a very important part of the training. He must behave properly whether he is in the house or outside. Socializing helps your dog to be comfortable with people, other animals and with his surroundings. Then start teaching him commands to obey your order. Teach him very basic commands in the start like his name, sit, leave it etc. You have to be very careful and patient when training a dog as he may take more time to learn then you may have expected.

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Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Mug

Bernedoodle Spoiled Rotten Dog Mug


Where Can I Take My Dog? To The Beach

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Dogs know the art of having fun and to be happy. But the dog owner has to provide him all the necessities to be happy and comfortable with his life. It does not include only toys and food but also time and trips to places. Among other places, a beach can be an ideal place for your dog to have fun.

Why Take A Dog To the Beach:

Beaches are fun and happening places where dogs can freely roam around and can play as much as they want. They can enjoy running and jumping on wet sand as well as on water. Digging is one of their natural habits and they can enjoy digging holes in sand without the worry of ruining anything. They can lay on the wet sand or shades to enjoy the surroundings and weather.

Selecting a Beach:

Not all the beaches allow dogs, so the first and foremost thing to do is select an appropriate beach where your dog can have fun he wants. Usually people are aware of the nearby beaches whether they allow dogs or not. You can also ask your social circle or can get help from online sources.

Things You Need for Beach Trip:

There are certain things that you will need to pack for your dog. Some beaches allow dogs only with leash but some let them enjoy freely. But whatever the case is, it is always a good idea to bring a leash with you. You should also bring a swimming vest for your dog as not all the dogs are born swimmers. Bringing a good quality sunscreen is also very important to protect your dog’s skin from burns. And for the fun part, never forget to bring your dog’s favorite toys he can play with on the beach like Frisbee or balls etc.

Caring for Your Dog on the Beach:

While on the beach, you cannot just let your dog do whatever he wants or to go wherever he likes. You must supervise your dog all the times for his safety and for the safety of the people on the beach. Make sure he stays in the areas where dogs are allowed and he gets some rest in shady place after playtime.

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Doberman Pinscher Dog Note Cube

Doberman Pinscher Dog Note Cube


Training Your Dog Humanely

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Having a pet is fun.But there are different things that you have to take care of in order to raise your pet in the right way. Training your dog humanely is very important.It even becomes crucial when you have to keep your dog at home around kids. Given below are some of the suggestions that can help you understand that how you can train your dog humanely:

Selection of the Breed:

The first and most important thing is selection of the right breed. Some dogs are harder to train and commonly used for home guarding or hunting purposes. You should select such a dog that is easy to train and safe to keep around kids.

Be Gentle Right from the Beginning:

Before adopting a dog, make sure that you are have already arranged his necessities including his bed, pots and toys. Introduction to the family is an extremely important stage that has long lasting effects. Introduce your dog to your family members one by one following a little break after each intro.

Always Maintain Schedules:

Schedules are very important to maintain whether it is feeding, exercise, walk or health checkups. Dogs get used to schedules easily. Any changes can cause discomfort to them and can have negative effects on the dog.

Training the Dog:

You cannot haste when it comes to training a dog. You have to be gentle and patient with your dog and may have to repeat same things over and over again until he understands it completely. You can start with simple things like his name. When he starts reacting to his name, you can move on to other simple commands like come, sit, leave it, fetch it etc.

Selecting the Right Time:

You must make sure that you are selecting the most appropriate time for dog training. If your dog is already tired or not feeling good, you may just waste your time and cause discomfort to your dog. He may lose interest in learning so make sure that you are selecting the most appropriate time for training.

Training With Rewards:

Training with rewards is the best way to train a dog humanely. Whenever he completes a task successfully, offer him some rewards. It can be something he loves to eat or even a simple petting.

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Golden Retriever Christmas Holiday Ornament

Golden Retriever Christmas Holiday Ornament


Psychology of Successful Dog Bathing

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For a dog owner, one of the primary objectives is to keep the dog healthy and comfortable. Along with other things, bathing your dog and keeping him clean is an integral part of it. But there are many people who are not aware of bathing dog properly and even some are not sure that whether they should bathe their dog themselves or hire a professional for the purpose. Given below is the psychology of successful dog bathing for your better understanding:

Be Gentle and Patient:

Training a dog is a work of patience. You have to stay relax and patient even when it comes to bathing your dog. Your dog may not get instantly in love with bathing but he will start loving it eventually. Do not get aggressive or anxious if your dog is not enjoying the bath. You can try different activities before bathing and experiment with toys. It will offer you a great help to know that what makes your dog more comfortable with bathing.

Make it a Desired and Fun Time:

One of the important elements of the Psychology of successful dog bathing is making it fun and desired event for the dog. If the dog is not comfortable with the bathing, he will try his best to stay away from it. In order to make it a desired event, you can take your dog for a walk or play before bath. When he is exhausted and sweaty, he would want a bath. You can add toys to the bath and some playtime that can make it fun. Adding some extra perks can offer a great help to make it a fun and desired time for your dog.

Keep it Comfortable:

Your dog must feel comfortable when he is taking a bath. He must not feel threatened in any way. Make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold for your dog. Place your dog in the water for a while and let him be comfortable with it. Playing and petting your dog while he is enjoying the water will help him to get comfortable with bathing. It will turn it into a desired event of your dog.

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Bernedoodle Dog Christmas Family Portrait in Holiday Scenic Background Mousepad

Bernedoodle Dog Christmas Family Portrait in Holiday Scenic Background Mousepad


The Dominance Theory: A Dog Training Fallacy

Happy Halloween Bernedoodle Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin Mousepad

By nature, dogs are wild animals who love their freedom and like to hunt. Not long ago, people started domesticating them for various reasons including hunting and safe guarding the farms and houses. Some dog breeds are safe to keep in homes around kids. But for whatever the reasons you are going to get a dog, you have to train him accordingly. Unfortunately, there are some dog training fallacies that are believed to be true by majority. The dominance theory is such a fallacy of dog training that is considered as true by majority of dog enthusiasts.

What is Dominance Theory?

The theory is based on the study of wolves which suggests that wolves live in hierarchical model. According to the theory the alpha wolf is at the top and the rest of the pack follows him. The dominance theory is considered true for most animals including dogs. The theory says that the aggression and other similar behaviors in dogs exist because he wants to be dominant and become alpha dog.

The Dominance Theory in Dog Training:

Most dog enthusiasts believe the theory is true so they think that applying the theory to the dog training can offer them better results. So, most of the trainers and dog owners apply the dominance theory to the training and apply the relevant techniques. They believe that they have to be dominant on the dogs so that the dogs accept them in the role of alpha. That way the dogs will obey their commands without any conflict.

The Dominance Theory is a Fallacy in Dog Training:

Most scientists believe that the dogs are evolved from wolves so the theory is true for dogs as well. The theory is based on the behavior of wolves that were kept in captivity. Wolves avoid any interaction with humans when they are in their natural habitat. But when they are in captivity, there is no escape. Whereas when it comes to the dogs, they like to be around humans and love to enjoy their company. In recent years, there are many trainers and dog enthusiast who have rejected the theory and have adopted alternate and humane training techniques that are more successful.

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Happy Halloween Bernedoodle Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin Mousepad

Happy Halloween Bernedoodle Dog Wearing Witch Hat with Pumpkin Mousepad


Private Dog Parks: Can Be the Safe Choice

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It is not suitable for any dog to keep him locked up in the house all the times. It is extremely important for the dog to be outside the house at times. It has immense effects on his physical and mental health. A dog owner must maintain a schedule to take his dog out for a walk or to play. It offers him a sense of freedom and interaction with various new people, places and things. There are different options for a dog owner to select from when it comes to taking the dog out and private dog parks are one of the best and safe options.

Advantages of a Private Dog Park:

Private dog parks are under proper management that runs and maintains the parks.These parks are properly fenced and have rules and regulation to follow. That helps the management to ensure a dog’s safety while he is having fun. Moreover, these parks are leash-free areas. It means that a dog can enjoy the fun time and exercise without any leash at all. He can run freely and play without any worry.

Socializing is an important part of any dog’s life and the dog parks are offering a great opportunity for the purpose. Your dog can interact with other dogs and people and may get socialize quicker than you would have expected.

Selecting a Private Dog Park:

There are different factors that you must consider before selecting a park for your dog. You can ask your friends for references or anyone from your social circle who takes his dog to a private dog park. Internet can also offer you a great convenience in your selection. Make sure that the park is safe for your dog. The park should have taken all the required measures to keep the dogs safe and secure, from outside as well as from inside the park. In addition, the park must have all the fun activities to offer your dog so that he can have lots of fun while he is at the park.

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Great Dane Puppy Dog Art Portrait Print 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin

Great Dane Puppy Dog Art Portrait Print 252 Pc. Puzzle with Photo Tin


How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Newborn Baby

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Dogs love to be around kids as both love to play and have fun. But not all the dogs are safe to keep around kids. Some dogs may perceive kids as threat so you have to be careful. Introducing the dog to your kids is very important so that they may get along well. If you have a newborn baby and have no idea how to prepare your dog for your newborn baby, here are some suggestions for you:

First Intro:

First intro is very important for the out comings especially if your dog is not very social. The first intro is not a face to face intro. Dogs have very strong senses specially sniffing. They can know who is around just by sniffing the scent of the person. You can bring any of your newborn’s belongings home that has his scent. Do not just put it onto your dog’s nose or hand it over to him. Keep the item in your hand and let him sniff it from a distance.

It will make your dog familiar with the scent and at the same time, it will let him know that it belongs to you. It will make him understand that he has to follow your rules and he will start respecting the sent as yours.

Bringing the Baby Home:

Initially, you will have to be strict. You will have to keep the baby safe and do not let your dog touch the baby. He has to understand that the baby and nursery are off-limit for him. But let him sniff the scent from a distance so that he can know that the scent belongs to the baby.

Introducing the Dog to Your Newborn Baby:

Gradually you can let your dog get near the baby but do not let him touch the baby. You have to stay close and be very careful. Supervise the behavior of your dog that how he reacts to baby. You have to repeat the same for few times and when your dog is completely comfortable with the newborn, you can let him touch the baby.

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Persian Cat Tempered Cutting Board (Large)

Persian Cat Tempered Cutting Board (Large)


Easy DIY All Breed Dog Grooming

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Grooming your dog by yourself can be fun and advantageous in various aspects. You can save your money, spend more time with your dog and can have a stronger bonding. Grooming a dog is very important as it helps the dog to stay healthy, fit and to spend a comfortable, happy and active life. So, if you have a dog then you must know how to groom a dog. Here is an easy DIY all breed dog grooming guide for you:

Bathing Your Dog:

There are many dog owners who are not sure about the frequency of bathing a dog. If you live in a clean area and your dog does not get dirty often, you can bathe your dog after every two months or so. It can be frequent but cannot be delayed more than three to four months. Otherwise it can cause your dog’s skin to get dry.

Clipping Dog’s Hair:

It is an important part of grooming a dog. It is not as difficult as people usually think. Moreover, using a clipper can make it more convenient and faster for you. You can easily find a suitable hair clipper specially made for dogs.

Clipping Dog’s Nails:

The next thing is clipping the nails or your dog. Trimming dog nails can be tricky a bit so you have to be very careful with this one. There are different types of nail clippers available in the market. You can select the most suitable one depending on the breed, age and size of your dog.

Brushing the Dog:

Brushing your dog can be fun especially when you have the right brush. If your dog has medium or long hair, a wire pin brush can be the right choice. But if your dog has short hair, you should try bristle brush. You should at least brush your dog three to four times a week.

Visit to Vet:

It is extremely important that you always maintain the checkup schedule as given by the vet. It helps to keep the dog healthy and away from any infections or diseases. If your dog has any sudden mood swings or behavioral problem, you should take him to see the vet immediately.

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Tibetan Terrier Dog Magnet

Tibetan Terrier Dog Magnet