10 Of The Best Dog Movies

10 of the Best Dog Movies Once a household pet, the man’s best friend now reins supreme as the new star of Hollywood. Our furry friends can handle anything their paws touch. From action heroes in the form of Underdog and Rex the Firehouse Dog, to our favourite American football champion Buddy. The world has gone barking mad for four pawed celebrities. Defeating villains, saving humans and showing loyalty amongst breeds, please be spoilt for choice as we celebrate canine cinema.

10. Lassie (2005) Kick starting the countdown is the classic Lassie, which sets beautiful dogs against beautiful scenery. A timeless tale of loyalty, dedication and faith charts the story of the Carraclough family. Young boy Joe, bullied at school, seeks comfort in his furry friend Lassie. When his father’s mine is decommissioned, Joe is left more miserable as his father is forced to sell loyal Lassie to the Duke. Plagued by ill treatment by the Duke’s servant, Lassie ventures home time after time. Taken to the Scottish highlands for holiday season, Lassie must embark on the toughest journey home yet. A true educational journey earns Lassie credibility and respect. Teaching our generation of kids about the tough times with our fluffy friends make Lassie an obvious family favourite.

9. Underdog (2008) An accident in Dr. Simon Barsinister’s lab gives ordinary beagle Shoeshine the extraordinary ability to talk. Complete with superhero costume, Underdog must save the city from crooks Barsinister and henchman Cad and sweep Spaniel Polly Purebred off her paws. Droopy eared cutie Shoeshine and posh Polly make quite the dashing duo. They’ll have to watch out for my dog Max though. His eyes were hooked on pretty Polly….I think he has a crush… Put your paws together for this insecure beagle come dazzling super dog.

8. Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey (1993) The legendary Homeward Bound sees a truly wonderful dog cat dog trio embark on one mighty journey. After their owner Bob has to leave for San Francisco, Shadow the Golden Retriever, Sassy the cat and American Bulldog Chance are left at a friend’s Oregan ranch. Becoming increasingly concerned for their owner’s safety, the brave trio venture across the stunning Sierras facing a host of dangerous animals, a cascading waterfall and a terrifying dog pounds. Strength and love conquer all as the heroic threesome reunite with their family. The humorous trio combined with the power of their spirited drama will have all the family hooked. Chance wins best character for me with his witty lines that will win over parents and children alike.

7. Firehouse Dog (2007) Hollywood icon Rex is living the high life until an aerial movie stunt goes wrong and the pampered pooch turns to sorry stray in the city. Rescued by troubled 12-year-old boy Shane, whose struggling father captains the ragtag crew of a rundown fire station, Rex learns that true happiness in life comes from loyalty and friendship. When the fire station is hit by an arson attack, the courageous canine rescues the boy bringing the family closer than ever. Prepare to shed a tear as Hollywood owners of the famous firedog claim him back…only to smile again as fake hero turned real hero is returned to Shane and father. Watch out for Rex’s stylish quiff and his paw-rilliant swing down the fireman’s pole!

6. Beethoven (1992) After narrowly escaping being dog knapped by two thieves, a St. Bernard puppy sneaks into the Newton family home. Later named Beethoven, the family take him to the vet for a routine medical, unaware that Dr. Herman Varnick wants Beethoven for deadly animal experimentation and employed the thieves to seize him. As father George grows more concerned about Beethoven’s ways, his family grow more attached to their slobbery addition. Cruel Varnick plots to retrieve Beethoven for his evil ploys, leaving his family to convince father George to rescue the poor pooch and put the baddies behind bars. With loads of follow on Beethoven movies, this gorgeous slobbery fella has earned the hearts of millions. An incredible family classic that will have the kids after a Saint Bernard! Check out the huge hound on the vet’s table….

5. Turner and Hooch (1989) This countdown would not be complete without the Hanks and Hooch team. Hanks plays cop Scott Turner, who bags slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux Hooch, key witness to the Amos Reed murder case Hanks has taken on. In true doggie style, the wrinkly lump of fun destroys Turner’s house and car but uses his canine intuition to help Turner win love interest Emily Carson. The Hanks and Hooch duo uncover a money-laundering act led by Turner’s Chief Howard Hyde. A scene both of honour and sadness to us doggie lovers sees Hooch give his life for his master. Happiness prevails when Turner and Emily marry and cute Collie Camille gives birth to puppies. The Hooch legacy lives on in the form of puppy Hooch look-alike. Hooch is undoubtedly the red carpet star of the show! If only there were Dogscars…

4. Air Bud Golden Receiver (1998) Scoring points with all the family is Buddy, a fit and fast golden retriever who strikes gold on the Timberwolves pitch. After his basketball player owner turns quarterback, Buddy is desperate to join and the team soon discover their star player. Trouble strikes as word spreads about the skilled sports dog and Russian circus owners plot to dognap the pooch. Donning his own helmet and uniform, Buddy, Josh and new father figure Patrick team up to overcome the villains and lead the Timberwolves to the state championship. Many, many doggy moments have earned Buddy his spot in the top five! From his cool Buddy in hat and shades look to the cheeky Buddy burps. Check out monkey Mortimer skateboarding too! Villain Natalia is a less convincing version of Cruella de Ville and even has de Ville-esque moments when she and clueless sidekick fall into a muddy lake. The movie is a tad corny in places but we can forgive those.

3. Hotel for Dogs (2009) As orphans Andi and Bruce struggle to keep dog Friday under wraps from their guardians, they discover an abandoned hotel. With the help of their trusty companions, they transform the old building into a fully-fledged 5 star pad for their growing brood of furry residents. Shed loads of dogs, awesome gadgets and the love between siblings make this a spectacular dog movie just edging Buddy. My dog couldn’t keep up watching the ultimate dog race through the city! Watch out for Lisa Kudrow’s funny performance as Andi and Bruce’s guardian. Wannabe rock star earns her place alongside partner as the hotel entertainment. Not sure the doggy residents quite feel the vibe…

2. The Shaggy Dog (2006) Just missing out on the top spot is The Shaggy Dog. Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas is unaware that his latest client, Dr. Cozak, is in fact a criminal carrying out tests on mutant animals. When Dave is bitten by 300-year-old Shaggy the sheepdog, he is infected with a top –secret serum that sees him morph into a loveable sheepdog. Realising that he is both defending a criminal and letting his family relationships slide, he must join forces with the mutant animals to prove Cozak’s evil ways and restore his treasured relationships with his family. Starring meditating sheepdogs, rabbits and mice, a snake with a furry tail and a bulldog with a frog body, this movie is one of a kind. The mutant crew crammed in the car with Douglas is ingenious with fellow road users shocked. Tim Allen’s canine capers will have parents and children alike in stitches. Make sure you watch the extras also. Dogtastic!

1. 101 Dalmatians (1996) Please be upstanding for the ultimate dog movie: 101 Dalmatians. Perfect Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita and their owners Roger and Anita are overjoyed when Perdita gives birth to 15 puppies. When the news reaches evil Cruella De Ville’s ears, she and her goofy sidekicks Jasper and Horace conjure up a plan to steal the dogs. Dogs of the city come together to find the dogs and get them home. But 15 puppies don’t return…101 Dalmatians do! Glenn Close perfects the villain role with her daft associates bringing laughter throughout. Doggie lovers will melt at the sight of all those dogs! With their trusty pals across the city, the movie is super loaded with dogs of all breeds! A mega treat for the dog fan! The Dalmatian wedding is one of my ultimate favourite scenes in canine cinema. Another favourite will have all the family chuckling as bike-riding Roger is dragged by Pongo around London in search of Perdita only to dodge through numerous crowds, braces himself down steps and ultimately land in a dirty lake. That’s doggy love for you.

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